In the enchanting realm of Anastasia Eren’s shoes, a magical journey unfolds through the wondrous artistry of design. Each pair embodies a flawless fusion of unparalleled uniqueness and eternal elegance. Anastasia’s shoes transcend mere fashion; they become emissaries of a woman’s essence, carrying whispers of her individuality, confidence, and treasured memories. In the grand tapestry of life, every moment is an opportunity to weave a special memory, and the right shoe can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Today, her mission is to create shoes of unrivaled craftsmanship while leaving a lasting legacy that transcends moments and trends for marvelous women of our time.


Anastasia Eren, who grew up between Türkiye and the United States, commenced her artistic journey at the age of 10 within numerous art institutions. Upon graduating from Pratt Institute with a degree in Advertising & Art Direction, she worked in various renowned fashion houses such as Kering, David Yurman, and Victoria’s Secret. Fueled by an unwavering passion for footwear, she decided to create her name-sake brand, Anastasia Eren, designed in Miami, made in Italy.